Our Ambassadors

Jesse & Rachael

We are Jesse and Rachael! We stream and make content about Pokemon and TCGs together, promote positivity, mental health, and we overall have fun. We have been creating content for over 3 years and have built an amazing community. Come join us! 

Our Twitch :)


Hi, my name is XakaCross! I go by X, Xaka, or Cross! I make content around Rocket League, Valorent and Apex. I am very energetic, extremely optimistic, and anti-toxic! I love being bad at games while being good at conversations and I hope you find a home in my community! <3

My Twitch :)


Howdy, I’m John! I go by John or Rider. I make content on my TikTok playing Guitar hero while also streaming on Twitch playing Minecraft, Rocket League, Call of Duty and many others. Here building a community of friendly people who need a space to unwind and escape reality! :)

Linktree :)


“I'm Casey! I create Nintendo content but play whatever I'm passionate about. I collect cards as a hobby and always look forward to opening packs during my streams! Come by and chat with our welcoming community while we relax and wind down together.”

My Twitch :)