Shipping and returns

Here's a Few Things To Know

Some of the items that we receive here from various different distribution companies can potentially have slight rips or tears in the plastic. This is something that does occur during shipping and does not mean that the internal items are damaged in any way. We understand that some out there do not like tears in their product but these are items that we cannot return. Therefore there is a possibility that an item you purchase can have a tear in the plastic packaging.


Due to the nature of the business that we are in which is collectibles, there have been instances of fraud and tampering with TCG/Video Game items that have been sold which is why we do not offer refunds of any kind on those specific items. We check every single item that does walk into our location to confirm that they are legitimate. With regard to certain accessories, we do offer a 7-Day return window from the date of purchase. Those accessories are listed below and must be in their original packaging and not used:



Top Loaders

Deck Boxes



All items that are pre ordered are non-refundable after 72 hours of purchase. If you would like to have your order canceled, please send an email to The reason we do this is the following:

We are not responsible for any fluctuations in pricing once a pre order is placed. Sets will always fluctuate in price prior, during and after release. It can go either way and we do understand that everyone is looking for the best price. We differ in the customer service that we provide, shipping times, response times, etc. If we always refunded items, we would never survive. Those who've shopped with us, know who we are as a company and what we stand for!

Additionally, a pre order item cannot be swapped or exchanged for a different pre order or current in-stock item.


All items purchased are shipped through one of the three major shipping networks (UPS, FedEX & USPS). The carrier chosen for shipment on our end does depend on the size and weight of the order going out. Normal shipping times are 2-3 Business Days but can be as long as 3-5 Business Days. We do require 1-2 days of processing time once an order is placed.

Thank You!